The ‘In Real Time’ Archive

In 2022, Americans face two terrifying prospects: one, that accelerating climate chaos could render much of the Earth unlivable, and two, that the United States’ current political drift toward right-wing authoritarian rule could quickly become a steep slide, dashing our hopes for attaining a multiracial, pluralistic democracy. With “In Real Time”, Stan Cox and City Lights Books blog (scroll down) follow the climate, voting rights, and justice movements as they work toward a livable path for all, no matter who will be wielding the levers of federal power.

Listen to the “In Real Time” podcast for audio editions of all dispatches.

In conjunction with “In Real Time,” Priti Gulati Cox will be working on an artwork titled It’s Time, adding drawings that expand the work outward, in concentric ovals, tracking the pivotal events of the next two years. These pen & ink drawings are hand-embroidered on canvas.

Below are links to the dispatches so far. Please click on the image to see detail of individual drawings for the month with captions; click on “Part 1”, “Part 2” etc., to read the monthly posts on the City Lights blog.

Click on “part 1”, “part 2” etc., to hear conversation about the dispatches between Stan Cox and Justin Podur published monthly on Justin’s blog The Anti-Empire Project.

  • Part 7: A Thousand Rebellious Communities
  • Part 6: Challenging CO2 Pipelines
  • Part 5: On the Inflation Reduction Bill and on Optimism
  • Part 4: A discussion of violence and policy murder
  • Part 3: The People vs Petrocracy
  • Part 2: Can the oily authoritarians be stopped?
  • Part 1: The US environmental and political crisis

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